Parallel Architectures
Graduate in Computer Engineering
Academic year 2013/2014


Type of course:



Pablo Carazo Minguela  (Coordinator) 










  1. Introduction

    1. Applications requiring the power of thousands of cores

    2. Some concepts about parallelism

    3. Types of parallel machines

    4. Historical perspective, trends and industry implementation

  2. Connectivity

    1. Communication needs

    2. Communications concepts

    3. Networks with shared transmission media

    4. Direct networks: mesh, torus, hypercube, etc.

    5. Indirect networks: crossbar, multistage networks, etc

  3. MIMD computers

    1. UMA, NUMA, COMA multiprocessors and cache consistency

    2. Multicomputers: massively parallel, clusters, Beowulf, etc.

    3. Multicore processors

  4. Advanced techniques in superscalar processors

    1. Scalar "pipeline" architecture limits

    2. Overview of superscalar architectures

    3. Instruction flow

    4. Data flow in registers

    5. Data flow in memory

    6. Sample processors: Pentium, Core, Itanium

  5. Performance evaluation

    1. Consumption management

    2. Benchmarks

    3. Simulators

  6. SIMD computers

    1. Systolic processing

    2. Vectorial processing

Basic references

  1. Theory slides and laboratory manuals provided in the web page

  2. Practical assignment to familiarize with a PC cluster and the MPI environment, in

Other references

  1. "Parallel Computer Architecture: A Hardware/Software Approach" DAVID E. CULLER & JASWINDER PAL SINGH. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, INC - 1999
  2. "Computer architecture: fundamentals of superscalar processors”. JOHN PAUL SHEN y MIKKO H. LIPASTI. McGraw-Hill 2005-2006
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  5. Web page with sources, documentation and MPI environments:
  6. Web page with access to the SPEC benchmarks: 
  7. Web page with access to the PTLsim simulator: 


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