Control Systems
Graduate in Computer Engineering
Academic year 2013/2014


Type of course:


                   Norberto Cañas de Paz  (Coordinator)









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  1. Introduction
    1. Definition of a control system
    2. Open loop and closed loop systems
    3. SISO and MIMO systems
    4. Control strategy classification
  2. Laplace transform
    1. Definition
    2. Properties
    3. Transform tables
    4. Inverse transform
    5. Frequency systems response
  3. Z transform
    1. Definition
    2. Properties
    3. Transform tables
    4. Solving the Z transform through the convolution integral
    5. Inverse transform
    6. Difference equation associated to the Z transform
    7. Causality principle
    8. System simulation and controller programming
  4. Block diagrams
    1. Definitions
    2. Transformation theorems
    3. Reduction rules
  5. Transient mode in discrete systems
    1. First order systems
    2. Second order systems
  6. Permanent mode in discrete systems
    1. Stability
    2. Error
    3. Sensibility
  7. Tools and development environments for control systems
    1. Simulation tools
    2. Symbolic calculus tools
    3. Programming environments
  8. Control system design methods for SISO (LTI) sytems
    1. Direct design
    2. Introduction to classical control methods for SISO (LTI) systems
  9. Introduction to multivariable control systems
    1. State space representation
    2. Obtaining the state and output equations for SISO (LTI) systems from the transfer function
    3. Solving the state equation of continuous linear systems
    4. Solving the state equation of discrete linear systems
    5. Cayley-Hamilton theorem
    6. Discrete model of a continuous system in the space state
    7. Asymptotic stability
    8. Lyapunov stability
    9. Controllability and observability of multivariable and LTI systems
    10. Design of MIMO controllers for LTI systems through state and output feedback
    11. Introduction to other control methods for MIMO systems


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