Microprocessor and Microcontroller Systems
Graduate in Computer Engineering
Academic year 2014/2015


Type of course:


                   Norberto Cañas de Paz  (Coordinator)








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  1. Introduction
    1. Definitions of embedded systems (ES)
    2. Application environments of ES
    3. Large blocks in a ES
  2. Microcontrollers. General considerations
    1. Oscillators
    2. Reset circuits
    3. Review of common process unit architectures
    4. Main characteristics of memories and their technologies
    5. Interrupts
    6. Energy saving modes
    7. Usual electric restrictions in microcontrollers and microprocessors
    8. Power supply units
  3. Microcontrollers. Common periferals
    1. Input/output ports
    2. Clocks
    3. PWM signal generators
    4. A/D and D/A converters
    5. Voltage comparators
    6. Reference voltage
    7. Communication interface
  4. Methodological aspects related to embedded systems
    1. UML adapted to ES
    2. Standards for the development of safe embedded systems
  5. Micro-kernels
    1. Introduction to micro-kernels in embedded systems
  6. Development environments
    1. Development environments for microcontrollers in ES
    2. Development environments for printed circuits
  7. Signal conditioning
    1. Introduction to operational amplifiers
    2. Analogical signal conditioning
    3. Digital signal conditioning


Basic references

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