Real-time systems
Graduate in Computer Engineering
Academic year 2013/2014


Type of course:


                   Javier García Martín (Coordinator) 









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  1. Introduction to real-time systems
    1. Embedded and real-time systems (RTS)
    2. RTS characteristics
    3. Critical RTS
    4. Development and execution environments
    5. Introduction to the Ada language
    6. Concurrent programming in Ada
  2. Real-time programming facilities
    1. Time representation and data types
    2. Delays, Time-Outs
    3. Periodic processes
    4. Introduction to process priorities
    5. Aperiodic processes and sporadic servers
  3. Fault tolerance
    1. Basic concepts
    2. Error recovery methods
    3. Exceptions to support fault tolerance
    4. Fault tolerance with time restrictions
  4. RTS scheduling
    1. Introduction
    2. Cyclic executive
    3. Rate monotonic scheduling (RMS)
    4. Resource access protocols
    5. Response time analysis
    6. Other scheduling methods: DMS, EDF
  5. Real-time systems modelling
    1. Description framework for real-time systems
    2. Representation of real-time systems situations
    3. A tool to automate schedulability analysis
  6. 6. Embedded and real-time system design methodologies
    1. Introduction. RTS design characteristics
    2. RTS design methodologies
    3. A case of study
  7. High-integrity systems
    1. Introduction to high-integrity systems
    2. Security standards
    3. Verification techniques
    4. The ADA language in high-integrity systems
    5. Ravenscar profile


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